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Short for Moral reconation therapy, MRT is designed to build self-confidence and frustration tolerance in addicts. It works to increase positive behavior and decrease confrontational beliefs. This combination of factors makes it particularly effective for resistant patients.

What is Moral Reconation Therapy?

First developed in 1985, Moral Reconation Therapy has since grown into one of the preferred substance abuse treatment programs in the United States. Its core aim is to enhance moral development. Many substance abusers have a problem with poor moral reasoning (often leading to negative behaviors).

The systematic form of treatment is designed to offer a long-term solution. Because of this, moral reconation therapy has shown to have very high levels of success. It also encourages positive behavioral growth in other areas of the patient's life. The overall growth of the patient during the MRT program means that their chances of relapse are low.

The Steps to MRT

The MRT treatment program is made up of a number of different steps. The goal of these steps is to confront negative beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors while providing reinforcement for positive behavior and habits. MRT also aims to decrease hedonism while increasing the development of frustration tolerance. At the end, all of these factors combine together into the development of higher stages of moral reasoning.

The first step to reaching these goals is for the patient to admit they are the source of the problems in their life. It is essential that the patient admit they are responsible for their substance abuse problem. After this, it is essential for the patient to learn to trust themselves and actively engage in the program. The patient must also choose to trust others in the same situation as themselves.

The next steps in MRT involve the patient learning that there is wisdom in following rules. They must assess their present life and become aware of all the things that it is made up of. At the same time, all of the relationships in the patient's life must also be considered. It is essential for the patient to repair relationships with those they have hurt while repairing themselves.

Finally, there is no giving up. The patient must never concede failure. They must give up the idea that they are always right about the way the world is. At this point in the MRT program, the patient must begin to help other people in their situation, even those that give no thanks in return.

Benefits of MRT

The benefits of Moral reconation therapy are numerous. Unlike other therapy programs where the patients sit passively hoping to learn something of value, they are actually involved in each and every session of MRT. This active involvement is the key reason why such a wide range of people benefit from it.

Another primary benefit of MRT is that it is long-term. It not only treats the substance abuse problem, but also the behavior behind it. Treating these behaviors with this unique form of therapy leads to long-term success. Unhealthy thought patterns, habits, and behaviors are replaced with healthier, positive ones.

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