OCD and Addiction

Obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD, is categorized as an anxiety disorder, in which the individual has repetitive, intrusive thoughts and fears that cause him or her to engage in ritualized behavior. The rituals may include hand-washing, checking of door locks, constant organizing, continuous cleaning or any other repetitive act that temporarily relieves the overwhelming feeling of anxiety. It is this underlying anxiety that makes OCD and addiction co-occur so frequently. The need to act out the rituals can be so compulsive that they prevent the individual from engaging in normal activities. OCD and addiction often go hand-in-hand in the individual's attempt to control their symptoms.

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Why is OCD Found With Addiction?

OCD can be a disturbing condition to live with every day. The fears and recurring thoughts are unmanageable, and the actions needed to provide even temporary relief can be exhausting and disruptive. Individuals with OCD may also have other mental health problems, such as eating disorders or depression. The multiple symptoms often cause these individuals to reach for alcohol or drugs to lift mood or control anxiety. To these individuals, using these substances to feel better seems like an appropriate measure.

Signs and Symptoms of OCD

Individuals who are suffering from OCD fall into several categories:

  • Washers - Individuals who fear germs or contamination
  • Checkers - Individuals who repetitively check locks, stoves, lights or other items because they fear harm
  • Doubters and sinners - Individuals who must perform tasks perfectly and fear punishment for imperfection
  • Counters and arrangers - Individuals who are obsessed with order and symmetry and who are superstitious about numbers and other "signs."
  • Hoarders - Individuals who fear consequences if they throw something away or otherwise lose control of objects.

Staff at drug treatment centers St. Paul MN understand that battling OCD and addiction is difficult. In addition to enrolling in one of various facilites, Minnesota Narcotics Anonymous (http://www.naminnesota.org/) and Alcoholics Anonymous St. Paul (http://www.aastpaul.org/) will let you bond with fellow and recovering addicts by sharing your experiences with drinking or drug use.

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