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The drug 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine may be a tongue twister; the street-friendly names MDMA, Molly and Ecstasy, though, are well-known and commonly used. These refer to a synthetic psychoactive that comes with both hallucinogenic qualities and the qualities of a stimulant. Saint Paul MDMA abuse treatment programs are designed to help individuals attain the knowledge and recovery tools to prevent future drug use and attain lasting sobriety.

Unlike most other drugs, Molly promotes feelings of empathy towards others. It also produces euphoria, and strange distortions to the user's perceptions of the passage of time. While the drug started out as rave party specialty in the '70s, it is now often used on a wider scale.

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How is Ecstasy Commonly Used?

MDMA is usually sold in the form of capsules or tablets. These usually contain the white crystalline powder form of the drug that is known as Molecular, or Molly. Users usually pop a Molly before a party, and enjoy the effects over the next six hours. Often, users will carry a supply to top themselves off when they run low. Sometimes, they will take the drug together with other drugs such as meth, Viagra or cocaine for added effect. Such combinations can be extremely dangerous.

Ecstasy and Its Effect On the Mind

MDMA achieves its effect by boosting the levels of three neurotransmitters in the brain -- dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. Most other drugs do not affect serotonin levels; it is this hormone that creates the drug's signature experience of empathy. Serotonin being instrumental to feelings of love, libido, trust and closeness, these feelings tend to come to the fore when the drug remains effective.

The Beautiful Feelings Don't Last

Unfortunately, these emotions tend to be short-lived. Once the drug runs low, the brain experiences a crash in its levels of serotonin. The result is often days of depression, insomnia, confusion and anxiety. With long-term use, MDMA users tend to experience depression and memory loss that proves difficult to shake. These effects tend to be particularly pronounced among users who mix their MDMA with marijuana.

Getting Help

Although there isn't a specific detox program that can help MDMA abusers, Saint Paul recovery programs are available for them to avoid repeatedly using the drug again. Narcotics Anonymous is beneficial in that it lets substance abusers share stories with like-minded people to determine why they started using in the first place. Don't wait to seek help. Call Saint Paul drug detox centers to learn more about how you can take your life back.

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