Saint Paul Opiate Drug Rehab

Saint Paul opiate drug rehab centers are dedicated to treating individuals who find themselves strongly dependent on opiates. These are a class of drugs derived from the opium poppy and have a long and notorious history of being abused for recreational purposes and becoming highly addictive, but it is also a very powerful painkiller and has legitimate medical use for that purpose.

Opiate-based painkillers have become very commonly prescribed for moderate to severe pain due to their effectiveness. When the physician's instructions are followed and use is kept short-term, the risk for addiction is relatively low. However, the pleasurable euphoria and potent anti-anxiety qualities of these drugs often lead people to use them in larger doses or for longer periods of time than they should. This can cause addiction, which can in turn cause a shift to heroin use when the pills are no longer available.

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How Does Opiate Dependence Form?

Opiates flood the "pleasure center" of the brain, blocking receptors that normally take up the "good mood" chemicals (like serotonin and dopamine). This keeps them circulating for longer and in larger amounts than is normal, which is what causes the euphoric feeling. With enough exposure, however, these receptors lose their function, and the brain requires opiates to function properly. Once an addiction has formed, the patient will feel strong cravings and painful withdrawal symptoms if they go for too long without taking an opioid, sometimes in as little as eight hours.

How Opiate Abuse is Treated

After an initial detox, most patients will need some period of residential inpatient treatment due to the strength of most opiate addictions. Treatment consists of one-on-one mental health and substance abuse counseling, peer support group meetings, and potentially a medication to manage withdrawal symptoms such as methadone or buprenophine.

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