Waging War Against Heroin St. Paul

With Heroin overdoses nearly triple what they were in 2011 Saint Paul community members are trying their best to stop the cycle of addiction with recovery tools and support for addicts.

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This year alone in Saint Paul approximately 3, 500 heroin users went to the hospital in fear that they were experiencing an overdose. The majority of individuals who died from accidental overdose of heroin and those who sought help for potential overdose were in their 20's. Other opiates such as prescribed pain killers were also a major cause of overdoses among that age group.

Drug Rehab Treatment Saint Paul focuses on helping those with substance abuse issues like heroin drug dependency, because heroin is such a highly addictive drug, detoxing from it without help from a treatment center can be very difficult. Drug Detox Saint Paul MN provides clients with medically supervised detoxification and can administer treatment medicine to help ease symptoms of withdrawal which can be dangerous with such an addictive drug like heroin. Due to the fact that the body becomes dependent on the drug treatment medicine such as suboxone can help addicts slowly wean off the drugs into a state of total cleanse.

Heroin withdrawals can typically begin 6-10 hours after the last dose and can vary in time and strength. Aches and pains of the body along with discomfort, excessive bodily fluids such as sweat, runny nose, and watering eyes, fever, stomach aches and vomiting, mood changes rapidly, and difficulty sleeping. Cravings will be very strong and these symptoms usually last for 7 days.

A 20 year old female recently stood in front of a judge in Saint Paul for possession of drug paraphernalia. She failed a previous drug test, testing positive for heroin and she is pregnant with her first child. The difficulty for her to get clean she says is that heroin is cheaper than methadone, another treatment medicine which helps come down from narcotics. Her baby will be born addicted to heroin and will have to detox as soon as he is born. Heroin is 10 dollars a bag versus methadone which cost 20 dollars. The baby she is having doesn't have a choice and its mother's addiction is calling the shots. Judges are trying their best to get people like this soon to be mother in treatment centers rather than jail because they know it's the best chance for abstinence.

If you struggle with an addiction and find it difficult to detox alone because the cravings are just too strong a drug rehab can help. Drug Treatment Centers Saint Paul cares about you and your loved ones and wants to help you achieve a healthy balance. Call the treatment centers today if you or someone you love needs treatment for Heroin addiction or substance abuse. Call Today. 720-251-4738

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